10th Day of Construction Gifts: A Portable Cleaning Station for Dirty Jobsites

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Moving dirt can get messy and water isn’t always readily available on the jobsite. For easy cleaning on the go, RinseKit offers a high-capacity, battery pressurized portable shower.

Its use isn’t limited to just showering though.

The manufacturer says the water station can be used to cool down on a hot day, spray off your boots, or hose down your equipment or truck.

The tank features a top-fill cap and can hold water ranging in temperature from 33 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. (A heater for the pro model is slated for release in 2022.)

The hose offers five spray settings at up to 50 psi to match the output for the task at hand. A 12-volt battery plug also allows for charging of external devices.

The RinseKit comes in a variety of sizes and can be purchased on the company’s website. 

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