Ditch the Shovels with the Mud Dog 700 Vacuum Excavator

For contractors who want to prevent underground utility strikes but don’t need big equipment, Super Products is rolling out its new Mud Dog 700 vacuum excavator.

The company equipped the Mud Dog 700 for working in tight, small spaces without sacrificing payload, with its 7-cubic-yard debris body and a 600-gallon water tank. It’s also much safer and faster than using shovels, the company says.

The vacuum excavator can dump at up to a 50-degree angle and into a 48-inch container. It has a low overhead height and center of gravity. The dump body also has an electric vibrator to shake material out of the bed and an auto-deploying tailgate.

The Mud Dog 700 vacuum excavator features a 7-cubic-yard debris body and a 600-gallon water tank.Equipment WorldThe boom can extend to 18 feet and rotates 270 degrees. At 8 inches in diameter, it is mounted to the rear of the truck. It can tilt 10 degrees.

The Mud Dog 700 comes standard as a hydro excavator but can be equipped with an air excavation package. It can be operated by wireless or wired remote control.

The water system pumps up to 11 gallons per minute at 3,000 psi. The vacuum system produces 3,100 cubic feet per minute of suction. A 3,700 cfm vacuum pump is an available option.

Other options include a scale system, grounding system, a debris body level sensor, a toolbox and safety cameras that give a 360-degree view around the truck. A variety of truck chassis configurations are available in either manual or automatic transmission. The Mud Dog 700 displayed at the Utility Expo in September was mounted to a Peterbilt tandem-axle truck.

A 4,000 BTU water heater is also available with heated lines for working in freezing temperatures. 

Mud Dog 70 vacuum excavator
The Mud Dog 700 vacuum excavator from Super Products is designed to be compact yet powerful for smaller jobs.Equipment World