Shell Naturelle Aimed at Easing Environmental Concerns

Biodegradable lubricants are gaining increased interest as more states and municipalities work to reduce the environmental impact of construction activities.

Even small leaks and spills of machine fluids and grease runoff are of particular concern around sensitive aquifers, groundwater sources, water sheds and wildlife habitats.  Rainfall can carry these contaminants many miles where they wind up in streams, lakes, rivers and the ocean. In some California districts, operators are required to park their construction machines on large sheets of heavy-duty plastic at the end of the day to prevent accidental fluid leaks from contaminating leaching into the soil.

As environmentally acceptable lubricants or (EALs), Shell Naturelle products can reduce risks to the environment while at the same time providing the engine, gear, bearing and hydraulic system protections you need to keep your machines in good running order. And by using Shell Naturelle lubricants and greases, construction contractors can meet a multitude of regulatory requirements and reduce their impact on local ecosystem.

For the construction and mining industries, the Shell Naturelle brand includes ester based hydraulic fluid, grease fluid, high pressure grease including:

Shell Naturelle S4 Hydraulic Fluid 46Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid 150Shell Naturelle S5 Grease V120P 2

By using biodegradable materials with low aquatic toxicity and no bioaccumulation these products offer protection to plants and animals. Bio-derived content and solar powered manufacturing also reduce the carbon footprint during manufacture, and recycled plastic packaging helps reduce plastic waste.


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