Slash, Rip, Rake and Grab with These 13 Attachments for Clearing Land

When it comes time to slash and grab, check out these 13 construction equipment attachments for clearing land.

Our product roundup includes a variety of brush and forestry cutters for chopping through thick vegetation and small trees with your construction equipment.

Then when it’s time to clean out the felled debris, several types of rakes and grapples for excavators, compact equipment and dozers can help you tackle the job.

Mowing and Mulching

John Deere’s RX72 and RX84 rotary cutters are designed for heavy-duty vegetation management, including property maintenance and right-of-way clearing. They are compatible with large-frame Deere skid steer and compact track loaders. Each model uses a skid steer coupler interface to mount to the carrier. They are equipped with high-flow hydraulics and a severe-duty door. The motors have a direct drive bearing for higher efficiency and extended durability. The blade carrier is designed for faster startup and recovery time.

bobcat brushcat landclearing attachment
The Bobcat BrushcatBobcatThe Brushcat rotary cutter from Bobcat can mulch branches and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter, as well as cut through thick grass and brush. It is designed to follow the contours of the ground for a clean, even cut, including on slopes. High-flow models are available for brush-cutting jobs that require extra torque, such as clearing construction sites and controlling brush and undergrowth. The cutter operates while moving forward or in reverse. Features include an offset dual motor and blade and a short deck for visibility and tight turning.

Case mulching head landclearing attachment
Case mulching headCase CECase’s mulching head for the company’s skid steers and compact track loaders features a two-speed motor that automatically adjusts motor displacement to maximize rotor speed and torque to the material load. The mulcher comes standard in a high-flow configuration but can be converted at dealerships to “enhanced high flow” for machines of 90 horsepower and up. It comes standard with double-carbide teeth. A Samurai knife tool for finer chip sizes is optional. A deflector is also an available option for containing and fine-cutting debris.

Eterra Typhoon Clearing Mower
Eterra Typhoon Clearing MowerEterraThe Eterra Typhoon Clearing Mower for skid steers and compact track loaders is designed to be an industrial grade cutter for a lower price. It features a large, heavy drive system to achieve professional grade performance. The blade bar is a double-reverse diamond shape for easy startup and to deliver a powerful spinning action while maintaining moderate mulching ability. The blade holder is made of 1-inch-thick T1 structural steel that has been laser cut and computer numerical control machined.

JCB forestry cutting head
JCB forestry cutting headJCBJCB’s forestry cutting head can cut down trees up to 8 inches in diameter, as well as shred and mulch them. Operators of skid steers and compact track loaders can control material discharge speed and material size from the cab with the hydraulic, adjustable deflector door. An in-line hydraulic oil cooler reduces heat in the hydraulic system. Available in a 60-inch-wide cutting width, the cutting head runs on a high-output variable-displacement piston motor with a self-aligning belt. A heavy-duty adjustable push bar helps topple trees and protects the carrier machine.

Ammbusher AC AC720 Brush Cutter
Ammbusher AC AC720 Brush CutterPremier AttachmentsPremier Attachment’s Ammbusher AC720 Brush Cutter is made for high-flow skid steers clearing medium to heavy brush and hardwoods up to 8 inches in diameter. It can handle road right-of-way, pipeline maintenance, forestry and land management operations. The 2,400-pound AC720 can cut, mulch, shred and grind brush and trees. Features include a hydraulic pressure gauge for the operator to monitor the cutting load, four ¾-inch-thick blades, and spindle interrupters to prevent wire, twine and vegetation from wrapping around the drive shaft.

Takeuchi Fixed-Tooth Forestry Mulcher
Takeuchi Fixed-Tooth Forestry MulcherTakeuchiTakeuchi’s Fixed-Tooth Forestry Mulcher is available for compact track loaders with flow rates of 16 to 55 gallons per minute. It comes in widths of 69 to 83 inches. It can also be equipped with Takeuchi IQ, an intelligent speed-management system that helps maintain rotor speed and prevents stalling. It also allows operators to calibrate the mulcher to the CTL with the touch of a button; no tools are required. A protruding rotor lets the mulcher process more material without dragging it. An enclosed-door drive prevents dirt from entering the machine’s service area.

Woods TurfKeeper Pro Mower
Woods Equipment TurfKeeper Pro MowerWoods EquipmentThe TurfKeeper Pro is Woods Equipment’s premium-duty rear-mount finish mower for tractors of 15 to 50 PTO horsepower. It comes ready for quick hitch and has an improved driveline holder for ease of attachment. It also features new high-lift blades, under-deck baffling and a wider discharge outlet. It is available in cutting widths of 60, 72 or 84 inches. Other new features include belt shields that attach by thumbscrew with no tools required and ductile iron sheaves for better belt grip. It has a gearbox warranty of six years.

Raking and Grabbing

Berlon Root Rake Grapple
Berlon Root Rake GrappleBerlonThe Berlon Root Rake Grapple is designed for mini skid steers, also known as compact utility loaders, and compact tractors. It can be used to clean up brush and debris, pull out vines and remove the upper root layer to prepare the ground for seed or sod. It is designed to be lightweight and durable. Its reinforced 3/8-inch tines are spaced 8 inches apart. The end tines are serrated for grabbing small logs. The grapple opens 50 inches wide for handling large loads. Cylinders are protected and hoses are enclosed to reduce maintenance.

Danuser Multi-Purpose Grapple
Danuser Multi-Purpose GrappleDanuserDanuser’s Multi-Purpose Grapple expands the use of pallet forks for carrying such items as logs, rocks, brush and debris. It can be pinned in an upright position, allowing for normal pallet fork use without having to remove the grapple from the frame. No tools are required for this.  Other features include a heavy-duty rail-style frame that supports up to 6,000 pounds, 48-inch-long tines with 3,500- or 5,500-pound capacity and skid steer and front-end loader mounting options. It delivers up to 9,500 pounds of force at 3,000 psi.

Rockland Krypto Klaw Grapple Rake
Rockland Krypto Klaw Grapple RakeRockland ManufacturingRockland’s new Krypto Klaw Grapple Rake for excavators allows operators to grab large, bulky materials and debris. Its dual-cylinder clamp delivers more force in all positions than a bucket thumb, as well as better control, the company says. It uses 100% of the excavator’s reach. It attaches to the excavator stick with a pin or excavator coupler; no welding is required. The standard design has a cutting edge. It can also be configured with pin-on, replaceable teeth. It comes with a two-year, 4,000-hour warranty.

Werk-Brau Hydra-clamp
Werk-Brau Hydra-clampWerk-BrauThe Werk-Brau Hydra-clamp bucket for excavators is designed for handling heavy, awkward or bulky items that can be encountered when moving debris. It delivers a clamping force of up to 54,000 foot-pounds of torque at 3,000 psi. That force is delivered consistently throughout the attachment’s 120-degree range of motion. There are no exposed cylinders. Serrated side plates help secure debris when moving and are available in a variety of sizes. The bucket is constructed of wear-resistant, high-strength steel in critical areas. It is also available as a rake.

Bedrock Attachments ripper Cat dozers
Bedrock Attachments’ ripper for Cat dozersBedrock AttachmentsBedrock Attachments2BBL Multi-Shank Ripper fits Cat D7R and D7H dozers. The parallelogram style ripper has two lift cylinders. It can accept OEM style parts, including cylinder and seal kit. The ripper ships assembled and includes mounting bolts, three ripper tines with three tips, transmission guard and cylinder hoses. It is 7.9 feet long, 7.2 feet wide, 4.4 feet tall and weighs 3.8 tons.

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