Track Jobsite Activity and Topos with 2 New Komatsu Smart Construction Tools

Komatsu has announced two new tools that allow contractors to analyze data throughout each phase of a project to track production and billing.

The new Komatsu Smart Construction Field and Smart Construction Drone are part of Komatsu’s Smart Construction solutions, an umbrella of apps created to help construction customers optimize their business remotely and in near real time.

“When the Smart Construction group came in, they integrated everything together, and the transition felt seamless,” said Kevin Hawkinson, vice president of operations, A.W. Oakes & Son. “Now, we can take the data, transfer it to the machines, get data back from the machines to the office, and utilize all of that information across the board for bidding, customer reference and billing.”

Smart Construction Field lets contractors quickly track spending to better manage project costs and resources. Komatsu partnered with Moovila, a provider of project management software, to develop the mobile app. Contractors can use the app to record jobsite activity and analyze operational efficiencies in near real time.

The app generates reports that can track daily jobsite conditions. Task progress can then be broken down by labor, equipment and materials, including machine utilization and fuel distribution, receipts, timecards and subcontractor work.

Komatsu says Smart Construction Field can collect machine data, regardless of equipment brand, from an entire fleet.

Smart Construction Drone allows contractors to gauge production progress through topographic surveys. The drone solution captures quantities for production tracking and billing, without personnel hoofing it around the jobsite.

With the capability to take still photos from up to 400 feet above ground level or under bridge decks, Smart Construction Drone can be used as pre-job verification or to keep stakeholders up to date. 

The survey technology integrates seamlessly into Komatsu’s Smart Construction Dashboard powered by Cesium, a platform used to visualize, analyze and share 3D data. Cesium’s 3D visualization engine combines video game computer-graphics technology with GPS accuracy that ties data to its precise location on the globe.

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