Komatsu’s new V-series breakers maximize efficiency, lower cost per ton

Any breaker can be designed to hit hard. The trick is to hit hard and efficiently all while conserving fuel and increasing the breaker’s survivability and longevity.

That’s the program undertaken by Komatsu for its new V-series breakers. With minimal wasted energy and higher operating efficiency, Komatsu’s 100-percent hydraulic-fired V-series breakers modulate their impact force and frequency with up to 16 working positions to match most application requirements and maximize productivity while lowering cost per ton.  

Komatsu V-series breakers automatically select the best piston stroke length and speed depending on the hardness of the material being broken. By adjusting to either hard material (longer, powerful strokes) or to softer material (shorter, faster strokes), the breakers can achieve high production output, with little wasted impact energy. The breakers are also fitted with an innovative energy-saving recovery valve that drives efficiency. The new breakers are compatible with Komatsu excavators from the PC210 to the PC490.

Swivel mount hoses avoid snags that might damage hydraulic lines and fittings.KomatsuAutomatic greasing and advanced blank firing protection offer guard against damaging dry fires. Swivel hose couplings and heavy-duty housings protect against damage and repairs. Shock-dampening systems in the form of upper and lower suspensions reduce the risk of cracking your excavator booms and breaker housings, while the mounted standard automatic lubrication feature guards against contamination caused by dust and debris.

Vibration control is also important in breaker design and operator comfort. Komatsu’s V-series have suspensions with rubber/poly components to help absorb impact and reduce vibrations through the boom. The enclosed sound-dampening housings reduce noise levels compared to open style breakers and offer customers a solution for urban applications.

Because all breakers must eventually be rebuilt, Komatsu supplies inspection kits with the V-series. The inspection kits come with gauges so you can measure wear on all critical components and plan for — rather than be surprised by — maintenance needs.


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